2 New Print Series Displaying Exclusively At Ultra Pop Now!

It was way back in March that we first spoke to Paul about doing a show of all new work in the store. We were really excited to get a new body of work and hang it in the store. It was a long road, shooting, designing and printing the 11 new prints that appear in this show, but man was it worth it. The two new series are the 6 Print Novena series (7 prints if you buy the whole set) and the 4 print bourbon series. A lot of bourbon drinking goes into a lot of the work we do, so we decided it was about time out good friend got it’s own series.

If you missed it the opening was a blast, and thanks to everyone who came out! I stole the two pics at the bottom from Paul at Ultra Pop, hopefully he won’t be too mad. Check out some of our good friends enjoying the free shots we were handing out!

Head down to Ultra Pop, say hi to Paul and Freddy and check these bad boys out.

The show will run until mid-October. Get them at Ultra Pop now or on our website in October.

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